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How to Provide Airbnb Checkout Instructions that Guests Love

Are you an Airbnb host looking to make checkout a breeze for your guests? If so, you’ll know that clear and concise Airbnb checkout instructions are essential.

These checkout instructions help guests know what to do when they check out time it’s time to leave, making their experience, and yours, stress-free.

But how do you create Airbnb checkout instructions that are easy to follow and won’t get guests to leave without your guests scratching their heads?

Keep reading! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to make checkout a snap for your guests and keep them coming back for more.

Checkout Time

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In the Airbnb hosting, establishing a precise checkout time is like orchestrating a seamless performance. It is the pivotal point that harmonizes your guests’ expectations with your logistical requirements, leaving no room for oversight.

  • Defining Checkout Time: For Airbnb hosts, checkout time is the pre-specified hour when guests must vacate the premises. Adhering to this time is crucial for preparing the space for the guests, coordinating cleaning services, and maintaining a smooth operational flow. Detailed checkout instructions ensure you and your guests are on the same page, leaving no room for misunderstanding.
  • Next Guest check-out and Cleaning Fee Alignment: Clearly defining the checkout time allows a seamless transition for the guests to arrive. It also enables alignment with the cleaning fee and scheduling of cleaning tasks, ensuring the space is ready and welcoming for future visitors.
  • Balancing Expectations: The checkout time isn’t just a random selection; it’s a considered choice that balances guests’ convenience with operational demands. By setting this time thoughtfully, you respect your guests’ schedules while maintaining the efficiency of your Airbnb operations.

Importance of Time Specification

  • Significance of Specifying the Checkout Time: Specifying the checkout time in your Airbnb checkout instructions is more than just a polite reminder; it’s a vital part of managing bookings. Giving checkout instructions, including the exact time, creates an environment of trust and transparency, reinforcing the professionalism that guests expect.
  • Flexibility Window: Offering a one or two-hour window for checkout might seem like a minor detail, but it’s a clear demonstration of consideration for your guests. This flexibility can alleviate travel stress and create a more relaxed and enjoyable stay, fostering positive reviews and repeat bookings.
  • Enhancing Guest Satisfaction: The relationship between clear checkout instructions, including time specification, and guests’ satisfaction is direct and robust. When you provide clear and detailed checkout instructions, including a flexibility window, you meet your guests’ needs and enhance their overall experience, reflecting positively on your hosting skills.

Cleaning Expectations

In the world of Airbnb hosting, cleaning expectations signify the guidelines that need to be followed by guests before they check out times move after guests check in instructions move out. It forms a pivotal aspect of the hosting experience and ensures that the property is in good condition for the guests.

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  • Setting Clear Expectations: Clear cleaning expectations are vital for both you as a host and your guests. Providing an Airbnb checkout instructions template and listing all the cleaning tasks creates a transparent process. Whether washing all the dishes or putting used towels in the laundry basket, defining these tasks helps prevent misunderstandings and builds a respectful relationship with your guests.
  • Role of a Large Trash Can and Laundry Basket: Simple amenities like a large trash can or a laundry basket facilitate the guest’s responsibility to maintain cleanliness. These accessories remind guests to tidy up, creating a more enjoyable experience for both parties. They can significantly speed up the turnaround time, especially when new guests arrive soon.
  • Importance of Automation in Reminding Guests: Sending checkout instructions through automated messages streamlines communication and serves as a gentle reminder to guests. This approach ensures that guests follow the checkout times and comply with the cleaning expectations, making the transition smoother for the next guest.

Communicating Responsibilities

  • Effective Communication of Cleaning Tasks: Cleaning tasks such as washing dishes and disposing trash in the large trash can is essential. Detailing these responsibilities within the Airbnb check and checkout instructions ensures that guests leave the property as they find it. This strategy minimizes disputes and fosters a more trusting relationship with guests.
  • Aligning Responsibilities with Cleaning Fees: Transparency in what the cleaning fee covers and what tasks guests must handle is vital. This alignment helps avoid surprises, ensuring guests are aware of their responsibilities, such as placing used towels in the laundry basket, washing all the dishes, and adhering to checkout times.
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  • Importance in Preparing for the Next Guests: Communicating these responsibilities helps in timely preparation for the next guests. When previous guests follow the cleaning tasks, the transition becomes seamless, ensuring that the property is ready for the next booking without delay. Sending checkout instructions beforehand aids in this smooth turnover.

Locking Up

Properly locking up is crucial to securing a property when guests depart. It goes beyond locking the doors and includes cleaning staff taking care of all aspects to ensure the property’s safety.

  • Ensuring All Entrances Are Secure: Vacation rental hosts must provide clear instructions for guests on how to lock the door, close all the windows, and ensure the security of the property. This process protects the property and gives the host and guests peace of mind.
  • Instructions for Leaving the Property: Leaving behind all your belongings in a secure manner is essential. Providing detailed instructions on how to check that all lights are off and all doors and windows are locked can prevent unnecessary energy consumption and potential security risks.
  • Use of Automated Messaging: Automated messaging can help remind guests to lock the door, take all their belongings, and follow other security measures. An automated message can be sent through vacation rental software, providing a friendly reminder on the day of departure.

Security Measures

Security measures within a rental property are vital to protect the property and guests. It involves providing detailed instructions for security measures.

An image of keys being placed in a lock box, showcasing the security measures implemented by vacation rental hosts
  • Detailed Instructions for Key Return and Locking the Door: Providing clear and detailed instructions on how to return keys and lock the door is essential. It ensures that the property is secure and prepares it for cleaning or the next guests.
  • Security Considerations for the Property: Security measures such as lock boxes or vacation rental software can further secure the property. It also allows hosts to expect guests at specific times and make necessary preparations.
  • Leaving a Positive Note with Security: Ending the guest’s stay on a positive note by thanking them and reminding them of the security protocols can foster a positive relationship. It encourages guests to comply with security measures and can lead to positive reviews.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is all about using less power, like turning off lights when you’re not in the room. It’s an integral part of being a good Airbnb host.

  • Save Energy, Save Money: Turning off the lights, air conditioner, or other electronic devices when unnecessary is a clever idea. It helps the planet and saves money on the power bill. By reminding guests to turn things off, an Airbnb host can keep costs down. It’s as simple as flipping a switch!
  • Easy Checkout Procedures: Checkout procedures can include a quick reminder to turn everything off. You can do this with a friendly note by the front door or a message through the Airbnb trips tab.
  • Show You Care: By caring about energy, you show guests that you care about our world. It makes them feel good about staying at your place and encourages them to be more careful with their energy too!

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship means taking care of the Earth. For an Airbnb host, this can include some simple steps that help protect the environment.

  • Remind Guests to Be Mindful: A simple reminder can help guests remember to turn off all the lights and the air conditioner when they leave. It’s an easy way to be kind to the Earth.
  • Think about Waste: Encouraging guests to throw towels and trash in the right place and not waste things can help too. A sign with standard house rules might include this information, making it easy for guests to know what to do.
  • Save and Share: Saving energy and water is good for the Earth and suitable for everyone. By sharing this idea with guests, an Airbnb host helps them be part of something bigger. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Guest Experience

People who stay at an Airbnb want to feel welcomed and comfortable. Making sure guests have a good experience is what makes a successful host. Here’s how:

  • Understanding Expectations: Knowing what guests want and need helps them enjoy their stay. Everything should feel effortless and fun from when guests arrive to when they leave. Many hosts even offer helpful hints like a guide to nearby attractions or favorite local spots.
An image of a host providing helpful hints in a guidebook, showing guests the best local spots
  • Providing Comfort: From clean sheets to fresh towels, the little things matter. When guests feel cared for, they have a great time. Happy guests might even come back again!
  • Making Memories: A vacation is a particular time. A friendly host can make it even more special. A warm welcome and a friendly goodbye can turn a trip into a memory that lasts forever.

Enhancing Satisfaction

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Guest satisfaction is critical to being a good Airbnb host. Here’s how detailed checkout instructions can make a big difference:

  • Clear Instructions Make It Easy: When it’s time for guests to leave, they should know what to do. Simple, clear checkout instructions help guests to know what to expect. It makes the process smooth and easy for everyone.
  • Friendly Goodbye: Saying goodbye in a friendly way makes guests feel valued. A thank you note or a smile as they leave can turn a stay into something special.
  • Come Back Soon: When guests have a great time, they might return. A happy goodbye and an invitation to return can make all the difference. It’s a simple way to keep guests coming back year after year.

Promoting Positive Reviews

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Positive reviews are like gold for Airbnb hosts. When guests have a great time, they often write about it. Here’s why these reviews are so critical:

  • Sharing the Good News: When guests write positive reviews, others read them. These reviews help tell others that the place is excellent. If you provide clear Airbnb checkout instructions, guests will appreciate it and might mention it in their reviews.
  • More Guests Want to Come: Good reviews make more people want to stay at your place. When others read about how wonderful it is, they will want to come too.
  • Helping You Stand Out: There are many places to stay, but good reviews help your place stand out. When people read positive things, they will pick your place over others.

Building Reputation

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A good reputation is a valuable thing for an Airbnb host. Here’s how to build one:

  • Being Clear and Kind: Straightforward checkout instructions make everything easier for guests. When guests know what to do, they feel happy. It helps avoid any misunderstandings and keeps everyone on the same page.
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  • Avoiding Problems: If guests know what to do, there won’t be any surprises. It can help avoid negative feedback. If guests have a good time, they will write good things.
  • Making People Want to Come Back: When guests have a great experience, they want to return. A good reputation means more happy guests and more great reviews.

Automated Communication

Automated communication is like a helpful assistant for Airbnb hosts. Here’s why it’s a must-have for you:

  • Saving Time and Effort: Imagine not having to send Airbnb checkout instructions manually every time a guest leaves. Automated communication does that for you. It saves you time and ensures all guests get the same, clear information.
  • Enhancing Guest Experience: Guests love smooth communication. They feel taken care of when they receive an automatic reminder and checkout instructions at the right time. It adds a professional touch to their stay, which they will appreciate.
  • Staying Ahead with the 2023 Summer Release FeatureIn the 2023 summer release, hosts can include checkout instructions for their listings. It covers tasks such as collecting used towels, switching off lights, and following house rules. 

Guests can access these instructions in their Airbnb trips tab, avoiding confusion. Airbnb also sends automatic checkout reminders to guests’ mobile devices, streamlining the process. Guests can rate the host’s communication and provide feedback for a satisfying experience.

Leveraging Technology

Leveraging technology in the Airbnb checkout process is a game-changer for hosts and guests. Here’s why leveraging technology so crucial for Airbnb hosts:

  • Simplifying Your Tasks: Technology can make hosting more effortless for you, from smart locks to automated checkout instructions. It takes care of things so you can focus on making guests feel at home.
  • Adding a Special Touch for Guests: When guests stay at a place with modern tools, they enjoy more. They can easily follow Airbnb checkout instructions or control things like lights with their phone. It makes their stay memorable.
  • Setting You Apart from Others: Many places offer a bed and a roof, but technology makes your place unique. When you use tech to help guests, they notice. It makes them want to write good things about you and come back again.


The journey of hosting on Airbnb is filled with opportunities to make guests feel at home and leave lasting impressions. 

By embracing automated communication and leveraging the latest technology, hosts can enhance the guest experience, offering clear checkout instructions and so much more. These tools aren’t just about convenience; they’re about building a reputation for quality service and fostering loyalty.

But don’t stop there. Why not consider other ways to pamper your guests? Like offering them the best pillows for an unforgettable night’s sleep? 

Check out our blog post about the best pillows for Airbnb and discover how minor details can make the most significant difference. After all, every host knows that happy guests lead to positive reviews, repeat visits, and a thriving Airbnb business.

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