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11 Best Apps for Airbnb In 2023

An image of a laptop displaying an Airbnb property listing with various app icons surrounding it

The world of vacation rentals is filled with opportunities, and the right tools can give you a distinct edge. Have you ever wished for an assistant to streamline your Airbnb hosting responsibilities or a digital aide to enhance your guests’ experiences? 

If so, you’ve landed at the right place. This article is a treasure trove of the best apps for Airbnb hosts, specially curated to optimize your hosting duties.

Airbnb hosts constantly juggle multiple tasks, from managing bookings and communicating with guests to ensuring their property is in tip-top shape. 

That’s where the power of technology steps in, offering a range of apps that can simplify these tasks and more. 

Let’s journey together into the world of digital solutions designed specifically for Airbnb hosts. 

These apps can revolutionize your hosting experience and pave the way for better guest satisfaction.

What Are the Best Apps for Airbnb?

An image of a person using a tablet with several app icons

In the bustling world of vacation rentals, efficiency is king. As a property owner, you may wonder how to streamline your operations. Fortunately, several apps help specifically for Airbnb hosts like you to automate repetitive tasks and make your life easier.

Whether you’re just starting your vacation rental business or are a seasoned professional, having the right tools can significantly impact your success. From simplifying communication to managing your listings, the best Airbnb tools are designed to provide solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the vacation rental industry.

Before diving into the details of each app, it’s essential to understand why these tools are so beneficial. Essentially, they serve as property management systems for your Airbnb business, allowing you to optimize your processes, improve guest experience, and grow your revenue.

Furthermore, your business needs, property size, and guest expectations will determine the most effective tools for your short-term rental business.

In the upcoming sections, we will walk you through some top-rated apps for Airbnb hosts.

Cleaning Apps: These apps assist in managing the cleanliness and upkeep of your Airbnb property.


TurnoverBnB platform connects hosts with cleaners, offering features like calendar sync and an integrated payment system. Additionally, it’s free for one property, making it a cost-effective solution for individual hosts.

Also, TurnoverBnB puts your short-term rental cleaning on autopilot, enabling hosts to manage their properties more efficiently.


Tidy offers complimentary services for one property, but beyond that, there is a charge of $10 per property per month. 

It simplifies property management for property managers by automating cleaning and maintenance tasks, ensuring properties are always clean when guests arrive. 

The platform can seamlessly integrate with various property management tools, optimizing efficiency and ensuring well-maintained rental units.


Properly is a mobile app that helps to manage listings and inspections. Additionally, it ensures that small details are taken care of, enabling hosts to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and presentation. 


Breezeway is a comprehensive property care and operations platform. Also, it automates cleaning operations and property care, offering detailed property inventories and innovative messaging tools.

Moreover, Breezeway reduces manual work and ensures that properties are perfectly prepared for guests. Pricing for Breezeway is upon request.

Channel Manager Apps: Streamlining Your Airbnb Hosting Experience

Channel Manager apps are an essential component of successful Airbnb hosting. Also, they allow for managing listings more efficiently and cost-effectively by connecting them with multiple booking websites in one place.

Host Tools

Host Tools is a comprehensive Airbnb app that enables hosts to manage their properties efficiently. 

Moreover, this app offers calendar synchronization for Airbnb and VRBO, automated messaging, dynamic pricing, and smart lock integration.


iGMS is a robust tool for property managers. It offers features designed to automate and streamline operations for short-term rental hosts.

With iGMS, you can manage your listings across various management systems, reducing the risk of overbookings. The pricing starts at $14.00 per listing per month.


Zeevou is an innovative solution for hosts looking to manage their listings efficiently. Also, it provides automation, training, and support resources. Pricing starts at $30.00 per listing per month.


Hostaway provides property managers with an all-in-one vacation rental software, offering a wide array of features meticulously crafted to optimize operational efficiency and streamline tasks effortlessly.


Smoobu is an all-in-one software boon for short-term and vacation rental hosts. It allows listing on all major booking platforms, ensuring your rental property is visible to a broad audience.

Also, It helps to sync all your bookings automatically across all your booking portals, preventing double bookings and ensuring seamless operations. They offer a 14-day free trial for new users to explore the platform.


Lodgify is a vacation rental management software that offers a range of features, including a property management system, website builder, channel manager, and booking system.

It helps to increase direct bookings free from commissions. 

Property Management Apps

Property management apps are a valuable asset for the Airbnb industry, helping to streamline operations and make it easier for hosts to manage their properties.

Moreover, hosts can quickly and easily access financial information, review guest reviews, manage bookings, and update calendars with an app.


Tokeet is a versatile Airbnb app offering a comprehensive property manager solution. It provides a robust platform for managing listings, with features that streamline the process of guest communication, booking management, and more.

Moreover, Tokeet offers a competitive pricing model starting at $14.99 per monthly listing. This makes it an affordable option for short-term vacation rental owners and hosts looking to optimize their property management process.


Guesty is a robust property management software that automates and streamlines every aspect of your rental business. It offers many features, including a unified inbox for guest communication, a multi-calendar for viewing all reservations in one place, and robust accounting tools.

Additionally, Guesty is trusted by many property owners and managers worldwide and is recognized for its world-renowned support.


OwnerRez is a vacation rental software that provides a long-term booking foundation for your business. It fully manages all your cleaning projects and channel listings while focusing on your brand, website, and way of doing things.

OwnerRez offers a pricing model starting at $40.00 per monthly listing.


Smartbnb, now known as Hospitable, is an app built for streamlining hosting on Airbnb. It offers next-level messaging automation that saves hosts time and keeps guests happy.

They offer a 14-day free trial, allowing potential users to explore and understand the platform before committing to a subscription.

Smart Home Apps

Smart home apps enable guests to control their environment remotely, from checking the temperature to unlocking doors.

These apps let you automate and remotely control smart devices at your property for an improved guest experience.


Operto is a smart home app with smart locks and controls for the property’s temperature and energy usage, ensuring an improved guest experience. It is user-friendly, making it a favorite among Airbnb hosts.

August Yale Smart Lock

The August Yale Smart Lock is a physical smart lock that enhances the security of your Airbnb property. It’s priced at $269 and offers a range of features that make it a valuable addition to any Airbnb property.


Neome is a smart home app that integrates smart appliances around the home. It provides a seamless way to manage and control their smart home devices and devices, enhancing the guest experience.

They offer a free trial, allowing potential users to explore and understand the platform before committing to a subscription.


Staybinder is a self-check-in kiosk application for subscribers. It supports self-check-in, installs to BYOD tablet in the hotel lobby, and issues entry codes for each room.

It works flawlessly with Staybinder mobile app and web dashboard. They provide a complimentary trial, empowering prospective users to discover and comprehend the platform’s key features before making a subscription commitment.

Guest Messaging Apps: Communication tools designed specifically for communicating with guests.


Duve is a guest messaging app offering a range of features that streamline communication with guests, making it easier for hosts to manage their properties.

Moreover, it offers a competitive pricing model starting at $6.00 per monthly listing. The best part is you only pay for active rentals, making it a cost-effective solution for property owners.

Welcome Apps: These apps create a more welcoming experience for guests by providing information and services.


TouchStay is a welcome app that provides a digital guidebook for guests. It provides information and services that create a more welcoming experience for guests. 

TouchStay offers a competitive pricing model that starts at $99 per month. This makes it an affordable option for short-term rental hosts looking to enhance their guest experience.


HelloHere is a digital welcome book app that allows to customize the information about their property and offered services. It’s designed to maximize rental profit by upselling additional services and including affiliate offers.

They provide information and services that can significantly enhance the guest experience, making your property a preferred choice for travelers.

Miscellaneous Tools: Other apps that serve unique purposes for Airbnb hosts

Party Squasher

Party Squasher is an innovative tool that enables hosts to monitor the number of people on their property, preventing unauthorized parties. 


Keycafe is a smart key exchange and management app that allows remote key sharing with your rental properties. The pricing details are not specified.


AirCover is an Airbnb app offering comprehensive free protection for guests and hosts. It provides hosts with $1 million in damage protection and liability insurance.

The app also offers a 24-hour safety line for any immediate concerns.

Airbnb Split Stays

Airbnb Split Stays is a new feature that allows guests to book accommodations for multiple destinations within one trip.

Plum Guide

Plum Guide is a vacation rental company that hand-selects the top 1% of homes in major cities worldwide.

Accounting Tools: Streamlining Your Financial Management

Accounting tools are essential for property managers, helping streamline financial management. 

These tools can benefit those managing multiple channels or rental properties in major cities.

Booking Trust

Booking Trust is an online trust accounting system specifically for vacation rentals. It aims to simplify managing financial records, making it a valuable tool for Airbnb hosts.


Quickbooks is a well-known small business financial software that offers a range of features to help manage your Airbnb property’s finances.


Ximplifi offers accounting software consulting and implementation. They specialize in connecting property management systems, channels, merchant processors, and more with modern accounting platforms.

They also offer ongoing accounting support with three different membership levels.

Data Analytics/Business Intelligence Tools: These tools provide data and analytic capabilities for improving business performance.


KeyData is a leading provider of data and analytic tools for the vacation rental space. It integrates with over 65+ systems and partners with thousands of operators to offer aggregated benchmarks based on actual reservation data.

With over 45+ KPIs, KeyData provides detailed, flexible analytics that can be broken down by direct source and OTA data separately.

They offer a demo, allowing potential users to explore and understand the platform before committing to a subscription.


Transparent is a provider of data intelligence for the vacation rental industry. It provides unparalleled insights into the distribution of supplies, demand dynamics, pricing trends, and competition within the vacation rental industry.

Trusted by the world’s largest property managers, Transparent helps businesses make the right decisions with its market intelligence dashboard.

They provide a demonstration and free account setup, enabling prospective users to explore and comprehend the platform before making a subscription commitment.


AllTheRooms is a data analytics tool that provides business insights and analytics in the vacation rental industry. It helps property managers maximize their revenue and identify adequate investment opportunities.


AirDNA provides market research and analytics software for the short-term rental industry. It offers unique insights into market rates, occupancy, demand events, and competitor supply performance.

AirDNA is trusted by property managers worldwide for its robust data and analytic capabilities.

Dynamic Pricing Tools

Dynamic pricing tools are essential for Airbnb hosts and property managers. They adjust your property prices based on various factors to maximize revenue.

These tools are particularly beneficial for short-term rental hosts, as they allow for flexible pricing that can adapt to market changes, seasonal trends, and other factors.


Beyond, formerly known as Beyond Pricing, is a complete revenue management solution. It offers a dynamic, demand-driven pricing tool with extensive market data.

The platform is designed to forecast revenue and maximize your earnings. 


PriceLabs is a web-based revenue management and dynamic pricing software.

It offers a customizable, data-driven pricing strategy to increase revenue through smart pricing. 


Wheelhouse is a business intelligence platform for smart price management and data-driven pricing.

It offers a suite of revenue management products, including a fully-transparent pricing engine. 

DPGO: DPGO is an AI-driven tool for pricing decisions. It utilizes machine learning, yield management, and deep learning to provide dynamic pricing strategies. 

Guest Screening Tools: These tools help hosts verify their guests before check-in.

Guest screening tools provide a layer of security, ensuring the guests checking your property are verified and trustworthy.

These tools are especially beneficial for short-term rental hosts who manage multiple properties across various property management systems.


Autohost is a guest-screening and automation platform that uses machine learning and behavioral checks to assess the risk level of every reservation. 

It helps prevent all types of fraud, including identity and payment fraud, which can result in costly chargebacks from credit card companies.

Moreover, it enables hosts to increase revenue by removing booking restrictions, increasing occupancy, and reducing unnecessary costs resulting from bad reservations.


SuperHog is a guest-screening platform that independently verifies guests through advanced screening technology. 

It uses AI screening technology to assess the risk level of every reservation and provides a single frictionless guest journey that includes deposit damage waiver collection. provides identity verification and fraud prevention technology. It offers a wide range of checks, including email verification, phone number verification, facial recognition, liveness detection, and government ID verification. offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model with different costs per check. For instance, government ID verification costs $1 per check, while enhanced government ID verification costs $2.

What Are Apps for Airbnb?

Apps for Airbnb are digital tools that help property owners manage their vacation rental business. These tools range from scheduling and booking software to communication platforms and performance analytics. The aim is to alleviate the workload of Airbnb hosts and enhance the guest experience.

These apps serve as your assistant, taking care of tedious tasks, so you can focus on what matters most – your guests.

How Can Apps for Airbnb Benefit You?

Using apps for Airbnb can provide you with a plethora of benefits. They can automate booking management, guest communication, and cleaning schedules, saving you considerable time.

On top of that, these apps can also help you optimize your listings for better visibility and higher bookings. They provide insightful analytics, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and ultimately increase revenue.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, harnessing the power of technology with these apps can dramatically enhance your Airbnb hosting experience. 

From simplifying property management to extracting valuable insights from analytics, these apps are designed to optimize every aspect of your vacation rental business. As we enter the digital age, these tools will only become essential in maintaining a competitive edge in the short-term rental market. 

For further advice on enhancing your Airbnb experience, explore our previous post on the best couches for Airbnb. Embrace these innovative tools today, and watch your Airbnb business thrive.

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