9 Best Apps For Real Estate Photos

Do your real estate photos need to capture the charm of your properties? Do your listings fade into the background amidst the stunning imagery from competitors? If this strikes a chord, you’ve come to the right place. In the dynamic digital landscape of today’s real estate market, standing out is crucial, and the best apps for real estate photos can be your game-changer.

This post unveils the 9 best apps for real estate photos, carefully selected to give high-quality photos of your property listings that much-needed upgrade. And no, you don’t have to be a tech whizz or a professional real estate industry photographer to leverage them.

So, why stick with mundane, lackluster images when the apps for real estate photos can elevate your game? Together, let’s step into a world where every camera clicks, and real estate photograph can become a step closer to a successful sale.

It’s time to turn every snapshot into a selling point!

What Are the Best Apps for Real Estate Photos?

When it comes to real estate photography, there’s a simple truth. Stunning photos make for successful real estate listings everywhere. It’s not just about capturing a building; it’s about encapsulating a potential lifestyle.

Thankfully, photo editing technology has made leaps and bounds in recent years. These best apps can transform a mediocre snapshot into a jaw-dropping visual feast. It’s now within every agent’s grasp to have smart photo editors produce professional-grade, awe-inspiring, and stunning images.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your property photos, you’re in the right place.

The following list details the best apps for real estate photos, each bringing unique tools to the table for professional photographers. Get ready to explore these gems and see how they can change your game.

1. Luminar AI


Stepping into the world of real estate photography software, Luminar AI is a game-changer. It’s different from your typical photo and video editing service or app. Instead, it utilizes Artificial Intelligence to enhance your images effortlessly.

Key Benefits

  • Intelligent AI tools that automate editing processes
  • A myriad of customizable templates suitable for photos
  • Easy-to-use interface, perfect for beginners and experts alike


Luminar AI offers a one-time purchase option. You can unlock this powerful tool for a single payment and revolutionize your real estate photography.

Pros & Cons


  • Advanced AI capabilities make editing a breeze
  • One-time payment, no recurring subscription


  • It might be overkill for those who only need essential editing tools

The Bottom Line

Overall, Luminar AI is an excellent tool for professional photo editors and real estate agents seeking to elevate their photos. It is AI capabilities and user-friendly interface make it a worthy investment. However, those needing basic editing features might find it too advanced.

2. Photoleap

Photoleap is one of the best apps for real estate photo editing


Unleashing the power of AI to transform your real estate photography into striking visuals, Photoleap is an innovative photo editor by Lightricks. It offers advanced editing features to amplify images – think background and color adjustments, object removal, layering, filters, and more.

One unique feature of Photoleap is its AI image generator that turns your thoughts into beautiful digital art, making it an asset for real estate images.

Moreover, it offers animation tools that enable users to add an extra touch to their photos, available on both mobile devices, the App Store, and Google Play.

Key Benefits

  • AI-powered editing tools for superior photo enhancements
  • The “Text to Image” feature converts your ideas into digital art
  • Animation tools for lively and engaging photos
  • Versatile editing options, including layering, filters, and object removal


Photoleap pricing

Photoleap offers various pricing models to suit different needs.

Experience the full power of Photoleap with a 7-day free trial! Here’s how it works:

On Day 7, your Pro subscription will begin, and you’ll be charged. But don’t worry; you can cancel anytime before then to avoid charges.

Try Photoleap and create stunning photos like a pro!

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive and evolving toolset
  • Unique multi-layer eraser tool
  • Ability to save work and return to it later


  • Limited layering options
  • Issues with the recent update affecting editability and image saving

The Bottom Line

Overall, Photoleap: AI Art Photo Editor is an impressive tool for real estate agents aiming to take their photo and video editing to the next level. Combining AI technology, extensive features, and a user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it valuable. While there are a few drawbacks, the ongoing improvements and benefits vastly outweigh the cons.

3. Canva

It's screenshot Canva homepage which is good  for real estate photo editing


Canva is more than a photo-editing app. It’s a comprehensive design platform offering various tools for real estate agents to enhance their property listing images and create captivating marketing materials. It’s not just about tweaking your listing photos; it’s about creating a selling narrative around listing images.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive library of templates suitable for real estate marketing
  • A range of editing tools for enhancing photos
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
  • Collaboration tools to work with team members


canva picing

Canva offers a free tier with basic features, which might be sufficient for beginners. However, for more advanced tools and access to a more extensive library of templates, there’s Canva Pro, and it’s $119.99 per year. Canva for Teams is $149.90 per year. This subscription-based plan offers monthly and yearly payment options.

Canva has a comprehensive support system with tutorials, a help center, and community forums. Refunds are usually issued for technical issues and must be requested within 30 days of payment.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide variety of templates and design elements
  • User-friendly interface, perfect for beginners
  • Collaboration features for team projects


  • Advanced features only available with a paid subscription
  • Less focused on photo editing compared to some other apps

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Canva is a powerful photo editing tool that can transform how real estate agents present their properties. While it’s not exclusively a photo editing app, its extensive features make it a one-stop shop for the best software for all your design needs. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, Canvas’s best photo editing software could be your go-to tool.

4. AutoEnhance AI Photo Editing App

screenshot of AutoEnhance AI's homepage Photo Editing App


AutoEnhance AI, your photo assistant, takes your photo editing apps and smart photo editors to a new level. Known for its editing photos with its “Fix, Clear, Colorize & Unblur” functionalities, it’s a go-to app for real estate photographers seeking to make their property photos stand out.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced AI tools for photo enhancement
  • Easy-to-use interface to fix, clear, colorize, and unblur photos
  • The perfect tool for quick and efficient photo edits


screenshot of pricing AutoEnhance AI's homepage Photo Editing App

AutoEnhance AI is a free app with options for in-app purchases. For more advanced features, there’s a monthly premium of $2.99, a yearly premium of $14.99, or a lifetime premium of $19.99. It also offers pay-as-you-go, subscriptions, and enterprise plans, making every need and budget flexible.

Pros & Cons


  • Advanced AI capabilities for superior photo enhancement
  • Affordable in-app purchase options for advanced features
  • Versatile pricing plans suitable for all types of users


  • Limited functionalities in the free version

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, AutoEnhance AI is a fantastic option for those seeking quick, effortless, and compelling real estate photo enhancements. Its advanced AI functionalities simplify real estate image editing and deliver professional results. Despite some limitations in the free version, the affordable premium options make it an excellent investment for real estate photographers.

5. TouchRetouch

screenshot of TouchRetouch homepage


TouchRetouch is a unique photo editing app that allows real estate agents to remove unwanted objects from their property photos with just a few taps. Its simplicity and efficiency make it popular among many real estate agents, professionals, and amateurs.

Key Benefits

  • Fast and straightforward object removal
  • User-friendly interface, no steep learning curve
  • Ideal for cleaning up photos


TouchRetouch is free to download, offering several in-app purchase options for extended photo editing application features. Their yearly plans range from $14.99 to $29.99, adding flexibility depending on your best photo editing software needs.

Pros & Cons


  • Exceptional object removal capabilities
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Some users feel the change to a subscription model was not transparently communicated.

The Bottom Line

In summary, TouchRetouch offers a specialized tool that is very useful in real estate photography. While recent pricing changes have caused some backlash, the app’s object-removal capabilities remain top-notch. If you often take real estate properties and need to clean up your photos, TouchRetouch is a tool worth considering.

6. PhotoUp Photo Editing Software

screenshot of photoUp homepage


Specializing in real estate photography, PhotoUp is a comprehensive photo and editing service and software that provides tailored solutions to enhance the visual appeal of your property listings. Features such as color correction, sky replacement, and object removal ensure your real estate photos stand out, even in the most competitive markets.

Key Benefits

  • Primarily focused on real estate photography
  • It boasts advanced features like color correction, sky replacement, and object removal
  • A User-friendly interface streamlines the editing process
  • Virtual staging capabilities that bring your property photos to life


screenshot of photoUp Pricing

PhotoUp offers a flexible pricing model based on a credit system, making it affordable and scalable for real estate photographers, regardless of their volume of work.

Pros & Cons


  • Customized for the unique needs of real estate photo editing
  • A comprehensive suite of editing tools, including virtual staging
  • Scalable pricing model based on a credit system


  • The credit system might be confusing for first-time users

The Bottom Line

In summary, PhotoUp is more than just a photo editing software for professional photographers. Its specific focus on real estate photography, including prime photos and virtual staging, along with a flexible pricing model, makes it an excellent choice for real estate photographers of all levels. Though its credit system may require a slight learning curve, PhotoUp’s extensive range of features justifies giving it a go.

Alternatives to Consider

While the apps above offer some great features, other powerful alternatives are worth your consideration.

7. Adobe Photoshop

Renowned as the gold standard in real estate photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop combines superior image editing capabilities with advanced graphic design tools. Photoshop’s versatility allows for creating prime photos that stand out in any listing.

8. BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie is more than just a photo editing app for real estate marketing. It provides a platform to outsource all your real estate photo editing needs. With services ranging from virtual staging to floor plan redraws to 3D renders, BoxBrownie can be a game changer for real estate agents who want high-quality edits without the learning curve of complex software.

9. Photomatix Pro

A standout in the HDR category, Photomatix Pro offers powerful features that allow you to create stunning high-dynamic range (HDR) images. HDR images can add depth and vibrancy to your real estate photos, making them more appealing to potential buyers. Photomatix Pro is an excellent tool in your arsenal, particularly for those tricky lighting situations often encountered in real estate photography.

What Are Apps for Real Estate Photos

Apps for Real Estate Photos refers to those applications specifically designed or commonly utilized to enhance, edit, and transform photographs in the real estate industry. These apps are equipped with features such as AI enhancements, object removal, HDR processing, or even virtual staging, which are crucial for creating captivating real estate photos.

How Can Apps for Real Estate Photos Benefit You

Using the best apps for real estate photos can significantly upgrade the quality of your property images, which is pivotal in attracting potential buyers. Clear, well-composed, and professionally edited photos can highlight a property’s strengths, deliver a more accurate representation, and improve your overall real estate marketing efforts.

Buyers Guide: How We Conducted Our Research

When doing our research to find the best apps for real estate photos, we considered these factors:

  • Pricing: We looked at the cost of each app, including any additional in-app purchases or subscription plans.
  • Features: We analyzed each app’s unique features, especially those beneficial for real estate photography.
  • Negatives: We noted any missing or lacking aspects within each app.
  • Support or Refund: We checked if the apps have an active community for support and customer service and if they offer a refund policy.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, finding the right app for your real estate photography needs doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are numerous options out there, each offering unique tools and features. Your perfect match depends on your specific needs, skill level, and the time you’re willing to invest in learning new software.

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate agent or a budding photographer in the real estate industry, there’s only software or an app for you. The key is to experiment with different tools until you find the one that suits you best.

But remember, while photo editing apps can make a significant difference in how your listings look, there’s more to real estate photography than just editing. Quality photographs start with quality shots. And speaking of high-quality images and shots, have you considered using drones to capture stunning aerial views of your properties?

Ready to Take Your Real Estate Photography to New Heights?

If you’re ready to take your real estate photography to the next level, you’ll want to check out our latest blog post on “The Best Drones for Real Estate Photography.” This guide will help you navigate the world of drones, helping you to capture images that will truly make your listings stand out from the crowd.

Click here to dive into the world of drone photography. Your future listings will thank you!


Is there free photo editing for real estate photos?

Yes, several free photo editing apps are available for real estate photos. Apps like Canva and Photoleap offer free versions, though they may have some limitations compared to their premium versions. While the tools might not be as extensive as those found in paid apps, they can still help enhance your images and make them look more professional.

How do I take good real estate photos with my phone?

Taking good real estate photos with your phone involves a few key steps:

  1. Clean your camera lens to ensure clear, crisp photos.
  2. Use the gridlines feature to maintain straight lines and balance in your composition.
  3. Use natural light as much as possible, and avoid using the flash.

Remember, the key to great real estate photography lies in the details, lighting, and angles.

How do you make real estate photos look professional?

Making real estate photos look professional requires excellent photography skills and post-production editing. When taking photos, ensure proper lighting, use a tripod for stability, and capture multiple angles of each room. After capturing the photos, a photo editing app can significantly enhance your images. Whether adjusting the brightness, correcting colors, or removing unwanted objects, a good photo editing app can make your real estate photos look like a professional photographer shot them.

What are the best settings for real estate photography?

The best settings for real estate photography will largely depend on the available light and your camera capabilities. However, as a starting point, consider the following: Set your camera to aperture priority mode with an aperture value of around f/8 to f/11 to ensure a wide depth of field for sharpness throughout the scene. Set your ISO as low as possible (like ISO 100 or 200) to reduce noise, and adjust your shutter speed as needed to obtain proper exposure. Using a tripod can allow for slower shutter speeds without a camera shake.

Should you edit real estate photos?

Absolutely! Editing real estate photos is crucial in making them look professional and appealing. Post-processing can help correct color balance, improve lighting, remove unwanted objects, and overall enhance the visual appeal of the real estate photo. However, it’s essential to maintain realism and not misrepresent the property.

Can estate agents edit photos?

Yes, real estate professionals and agents can edit photos, and many do. Many user-friendly, professional photo editing apps are available that even beginners can easily navigate. However, as mentioned above, real estate agents must ensure their edits don’t misrepresent the property. Transparency and honesty in real estate images are paramount in building trust with potential buyers.

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