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11 Unique Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

Are you looking for unique closing gift ideas that your clients will love?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, I will discuss seven closing gifts sure to wow your clients. From gift baskets to personalized gift products, we have something for everyone!

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today and give your clients a unique closing gift they will never forget!

What Are The Best Closing Gift Ideas?

As a real estate agent, closing gift-giving is an excellent strategy to show your buyer’s appreciation and demonstrate how much you value their business.

It would help if you kept in mind who you’re sending the gift to so you can make sure it is a thoughtful and practical gift. Doing this will make your buyers feel valued and result in repeat business!

1.) Gift Basket

Consider giving the buyer a gift basket filled with items that will come in handy for when they move into the new home, such as cleaning supplies, houseplant pots, cozy throw blankets, decorative pillows, bath towels, kitchen utensils, and cookware.

2.) Wine Glass

Sending a Wine Glass as a gift to your client in the real estate business is a great way to show them an appreciation for working with you. Not only does it make for a more personal gift than simply sending an electronic greeting, but it is also sure to let them know of the high esteem in which you hold them.

Showing your clients that you appreciate their business with such a thoughtful and personal gift will create strong bonds that will last well into the future.

3.) Personalized Book Subscription

If you’re looking for a unique personalized closing gift, a personalized book subscription is the perfect option!

With a personalized book subscription, your clients will receive personalized selections of books tailored to their interests. This unique gift will make them feel extra special and remind them that they are more than just another deal. Not only is this the perfect personalized closing gift for any occasion.

It is also the perfect way to show your clients how much their business means to you. Give a personalized book subscription and give your clients something that counts!

4.) Home Maintenance Book

As a real estate agent, you know the power of giving great closing gifts to your clients. Home Maintenance Book could be the perfect thing!

It is the ideal way to provide your new homeowners with the tips, tricks, and tools they need to keep their homes in tip-top condition. From quickly creating a home maintenance checklist to clarifying complex tasks like electrical repair, the book will help them feel confident and prepared during this big transition.

Give Home Maintenance Book as a great closing gift for your real estate clients to make their new house feel more like home!

5.) Wall Art

Wall art is the perfect memorable closing gift for real estate buyers.

Wall art can also be beneficial for future real estate transactions. Buyers can easily remember an agent or agency that sent them wall art as a closing gift.

They may use them again upon listing or purchasing their next property.

6.) Doorbell

Every real estate client deserves the perfect closing gift, and a doorbell is the perfect thoughtful gift! Doorbells have come a long way in terms of style and technology.

The doorbell is perfect for traditional home exterior spaces, and it fully accommodates nearly all modern home decor styles with a range of aesthetically pleasing options available.

With an array of color options, custom engraving, and modern designs – your clients will love this perfect closing gift!

7.) Coffee Mugs

If you are looking for appreciation presents for clients, colleagues, and loved ones, look no further than coffee mugs!

Everyone loves a good hot beverage, and personalized gifts are always on

trend. Coffee mugs make wonderful closing gifts that the recipients can cherish and remember fondly. Whether they prefer humor or light-heartedness, there are many styles and designs of coffee mugs, so you can give them a gift that reflects their personality.

So, why not surprise your favorite people with something special, like a coffee mug? They’ll be thankful for your thoughtful gesture, and you’ll have contributed to making one of their days a little brighter.

8.) Christmas Ornament

The holiday season is the perfect time to pass out closing gifts for your buyers.

Customized Christmas ornaments add a personal touch that will be remembered long after closing day. Ornaments also make excellent housewarming party favors. Imagine your buyer’s joy and surprise when they receive their closing gift adorned with a unique trim created just for them!

Christmas ornaments are charming gifts that can hang on the tree or anywhere in their home as a reminder of this momentous occasion each holiday season.

9.) Picture Frame

Show your clients how much you appreciate them by giving them thoughtful and practical gifts, like picture frames!

Picture frames make thoughtful and beautiful gestures that can be displayed in their home or used to decorate their new space. With various sizes and styles to choose from, you can easily find the perfect gift for your clients.

10.) Flowers

Flowers are always a great way to show appreciation, and when buying or selling a house, they are a great closing gift.

Whether you’re a real estate agent looking for a unique way to stand out or simply wanting to give your friends or family something special upon moving into their new home, flowers are sure to make a lasting impression.

Not only do flowers brighten up any space with color and light, but there is also something very endearing about flowers that can’t exceptionally be replicated with any other type of present.

It is hard not to love them! A great housewarming gift, flowers come in many forms and can be tailored specifically for your loved ones; from a cheerful bouquet of sunflowers to the fragrant aroma of freshly-cut roses – these kind gestures pack some deep thoughtfulness.

11.) House Cleaner

Moving into a new home can be an extremely stressful experience.

On top of planning and packing, many new homeowners need to realize how much cleaning they will need. What better way to lighten their load than getting them a gift certificate from a house cleaning service?

As a realtor, you can show that you genuinely care about your clients by gifting them something that will make them feel at home in their new place faster.

Seeing it come clean and ready for a living can greatly relieve someone feeling overwhelmed after such a significant life change. Consider presenting this kind gesture along with your congratulations on their successful purchase!


How much should you spend on a closing gift?

Real estate agents should be mindful of how much to spend on closing gifts for their clients.

Realtors should budget 1-2% of their gross commission income for the gift when calculating expenses.

It could be something simple like a gift basket or certificate so they can pick out what they need. Investing in a thoughtful present that your client can appreciate will make them feel special and appreciated at the end of the transaction!

What to get as a closing gift?

Searching for the perfect client-closing gift can often be a challenge. Focus on the client’s personality and preferences to make the task easier.

Maybe they are a homebody that loves books and plants. A great gift would be an autobiography of their favorite figure and a beautiful potted flower to show your appreciation for their work and dedication.

The possibilities are limitless, so let your creativity guide you in finding something unique and special to commemorate the end of the client’s experience with your business.

H2: What Are Real Estate Closing Gifts?

A real estate closing gift is a present given by real estate agents to their clients to show appreciation for their business and celebrate a successful transaction.

They can come in various forms, from practical to personal and thoughtful gestures.

H2: How Can Real Estate Closing Gifts Benefit You?

Real estate closing gifts can benefit you by helping to build strong and lasting relationships with your clients.

They show that you appreciate and value their business and can also benefit you by providing tax deductions.

It’s essential to keep accurate records of the gifts you give for tax season and make sure they adhere to IRS guidelines for business expenses.

Wrapping Up

Real estate closing gifts are great to show your clients that you appreciate their business and celebrate the successful transaction.

Not only can they help build strong relationships with your customers, but they also provide tax deductions when given within IRS guidelines.

From practical to personal presents, there is something for everyone that will make them feel special and appreciated!

Whether it’s flowers or a house cleaning service, realtors should consider investing in thoughtful presents as tokens of gratitude at the end of each transaction.

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