Hostfully Review 2023

Are you ready to take the next step in your real estate investing journey?

Are you tired of managing multiple properties and looking for an easier way to stay organized and maximize profits?

The great news is that Hostfully can help! Drawing on the best elements of Airbnb and traditional property management, Hostfully simplifies the process so you can make more money without worrying about all that tedious day-to-day work.

Join me to explore how Hostfully works and why having a robust hosting platform like this one with its revolutionary tools is so important.

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What is Hostfully?

Hostfully vacation rental software
Hostfully vacation rental software

Hostfully provides the tools to automate your business, grow your vacation rentals, and deliver that 5-star guest experience.

With their award-winning and industry-leading features, you can easily manage complicated tasks – from the Channel Manager, a central calendar, and a unified inbox to triggers and templates for automated communication, smart home management, and payment processing.

Not to mention the analytics & reporting feature that will have you running a successful vacation rental with less effort and more success – sounds like a win-win!

Who founded Hostfully?

As fate would have it, long-time San Francisco neighbors David and Stephan recognized the difficulty of vacation rental management software and providing a great guest experience.

They wondered why vacation rental operations had to be so hard and set out on a mission to create the ultimate vacation rental management software that would simplify the process.

It all started when David ran into Margot at the preschool.

The co-founders Margot Schmorak and David Jacoby came together to simplify the process of operating and managing vacation rentals.

They wanted to create a platform that would make it easier for hosts to manage their listings while also providing guests with a fantastic experience.

Since 2016, Hostfully has been delivering unique solutions to the hospitality industry. In 2018, they joined forces with Orbirental.

They introduced their cutting-edge Property Management Platform alongside Digital Guidebooks, providing customers a complete solution for all their property management needs.

Hostfully Core Features

Streamlining Operations

Have you ever wondered how property managers keep operations running smoothly?

With Hostfully, a vacation rental property manager can streamline their property operations in ways they might never have imagined. Property managers can easily manage photos, listing descriptions, amenities, and more from one central page.

They can accept payments and security deposits from multiple supported processors, including Stripe and PayPal, and even issue discounts or refunds.

Property managers can assign different access levels to team members and create assignments for cleaning & maintenance staff for easy team collaboration!

Change the way you manage the property with Hostfully!

Guest and Owner Management

Property owners can quickly and efficiently collaborate with guests through instant messaging and centralized calendars.

No more juggling multiple platforms and wasting time trying to stay organized! Plus, capturing digital signatures for rental agreements, terms, and conditions couldn’t be easier using the Property Management Platform.

And now that Guidebooks are integrated, you can create local recommendations for a guest in no time using data from the same platform. This incredible security feature is sure to give you peace of mind!

Growing the vacation rental business

If you want your business to flourish, take advantage of the centralized calendar and booking platform already available to you.

When you incorporate your logo and branding into your pages and messages, you’ll not just build trust with potential guests — but you can also create a pool of loyal customers who return time and again when they need a space for leisure or business.

With the help of this pre-built website, you have access to real-time insights on property performance, so that retargeting efforts are made accessible for current and past guests.

Hostfully Customer Support

Need help? No problem! Just click the chat bubble at the bottom of their page and talk to someone on the customer service team. If you’d like, you can also check out the comprehensive customer support page for more information.

And don’t worry about timing – they’ve got your back 24/7! The friendly customer service staff are available around-the-clock to answer any questions.

Media Kit

Give your branding efforts a boost with Hostfully’s readily available assets! The media kit lets you access official Hostfully logos and fonts to simplify your work.

Digital Guidebooks

Bookings should be worry-free, with all the necessary information in one place! The Guidebook is designed to provide this effortless experience.

It’s an easy, quick, and error-free way to send your guests directions to your property and check-in info, along with how-to guides, wifi access, and even local recommendations—all without extra effort.

For managers, it’s a hassle-free way to keep your bookings smooth and efficient. It’s the perfect partner for all your property management needs. Regarding bookings, efficiency, and exceptional guest service are a match made in heaven.

Hostfully Pricing

Property Management Platform Pricing

Starter plan:

Up to 4 listings

  • Full-scale property management solution
  • Full API sync with all channels
  • Hostfully Mobile App
  • Three calls with onboarding to get you started

Pro & Pro Plus:

Up to 4 listings

All Starter plan features, plus

  • Private labeling
  • Team roles
  • SMS messaging
  • Digital signatures


Up to 4 listings

All Pro Plus plan features, plus

  • White glove support
  • API Access
  • Dedicated Customer Success support & training

Digital Guidebooks pricing

Hostfully offers a free plan, an incredible gift from the company. This plan allows guests, hosts, and teams to experience first-hand how much of an impact utilizing online guidebooks can make! It includes:

  • One Guidebook
  • Share content from check-ins to check-outs
  • Unlimited & sponsored recommendations

But they also have an Advanced version if you search for something even more powerful and comprehensive.

An even Better Version for one Guidebook is USD 9.99.

This option includes free features, plus:

  • Customize for your brand
  • Access to all revenue-generating capabilities
  • Translate to over 16 different languages

To begin, there is an initial implementation fee of $600. Additionally, you will be subject to additional fees for Stripe and Paypal processing – feel free to contact the sales team for further details!

Unlock 14 days of free access!

Upgrade to an annual plan and save 10% on your subscription!


Does Hostfully have a mobile application?

Absolutely! Now you can manage your essential and time-sensitive tasks on the go, with the mobile app available for both iOS & Android. Get it now to make life easier – right from your pocket!

Is there a free version of the Hostfully Property Management Platform?

Hostfully does not offer free trials. However, they provide a one-on-one personalized software demo where you can witness the advantages of using their services.

Ready to explore the Hostfully platform and see how it can benefit your organization? Click here to book a complimentary demo today!

What is a Hostfully guidebook?

The Hostfully Guidebook is a digital resource that provides guests with information about their property, such as check-in instructions, local recommendations, wifi access, and more. This powerful tool helps to ensure an effortless guest experience and increases efficiency for managers.

In which countries is Hostfully available?

Hostfully is accessible worldwide with a steady internet connection, and payments can be received via one of the three payment processors: Stripe, PayPal, or Vacation Rent Payment.

They have yet to encounter any country unsupportive of the services!

Hostfully Pros and Cons

Weighing the positive and negative features of the Hostfully Property Management Platform will assist potential users in making an educated decision regarding if this product is a good fit for their vacation rental company.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks:

Hostfully Pros

  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface.
  • Advanced automation features reduce the amount of manual labor involved in managing a vacation rental property.
  • Central Reservation System (CRS) allows you to manage multiple properties across multiple channels easily.
  • The reports and Analytics feature provides insights into business performance so you can make informed decisions about your business strategy.
  • The payment processing feature facilitates safe and secure payments from guests in various currencies, including USD, GBP, EUR, etc.
  • Integrated booking engines enable you to maximize your reach and boost bookings through popular third-party services like Airbnb, Expedia, Vrbo, etc.

These features can help vacation rental managers streamline business operations and increase bookings and revenue.

Hostfully Cons

  • Hostfully is an expensive platform with various upfront costs and monthly subscription fees.

While Hostfully has many advanced features that can help vacation rental managers streamline their business operations, the high costs could be potential drawbacks for some users. It is essential to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if this product is right for your business.

Hostfully Alternatives

A few options exist if you’re looking for an alternative to Hostfully.

These include:

  1. Guesty
  2. Lodgify
  3. Kigo
  4. MyVR
  5. Tokeet
  6. Vreasy
  7. Rentals United
  8. Streamline Vacation Rental Software
  9. Escapia
  10. Avanti

These services offer different features and functionalities that may be better suited for certain businesses.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Hostfully?

Hostfully is a powerful vacation rental property management platform with advanced automation features and payment processing capabilities.

It can help streamline business operations and boost bookings through integrated booking engines.

However, the upfront and monthly subscription fees may be too expensive for some users. Before deciding to buy Hostfully, weighing it’s the pros and cons of this product against other alternatives on the market, such as Guesty or Lodgify.

If you think Hostfully could benefit your organization in terms of revenue growth, customer satisfaction levels, and operational efficiency, then we recommend trying them!

Click here to book a complimentary demo today!

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