The Top Noise Monitoring Devices

Are you a vacation rental company looking to attract more business while ensuring guests have the best experience possible?

If so, investing in a noise monitoring device could be your solution. With this technology, it’s now easier to monitor the noise levels of your short-term rental homes and take action quickly if there are excessive sound disturbances – giving both hosts and guests peace of mind.

In this post, I will explain why a noise monitoring device is necessary for vacation rentals and how it can significantly improve the guest experience.

What is Noise Monitoring Device?

Noise Monitoring Devices can be an excellent asset for anyone looking for a perfect way to detect indoor and outdoor noise levels and loud parties.

By using state-of-the-art technology to detect and monitor sound accurately, these devices provide reliable data which can help inform and facilitate assessments in areas such as acoustic engineering, environmental consultancy, and health and safety.

They can measure sound pressure levels over time and detect and record impulse or intermittent noise, making them the ideal tool for any out-of-door noise monitoring job.

Noise Monitoring Device makes them the perfect choice for businesses or institutions that need a reliable way to monitor sound levels in their environment.

What Is The Best Noise Monitoring Device for AirBnb?

The best noise monitoring devices for AirBnB will depend on the type of application you are using them for. An indoor sound meter is the most effective choice for monitoring noise levels in a residential area. These devices can measure sounds from all directions and provide real-time readings, making them ideal for detecting noise complaints from guests.

An outdoor noise monitoring device may be the better option if you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution. These devices can measure sound levels further away and provide detailed information such as frequency, decibels, and time stamps, which makes them ideal for spotting trends in problem areas or tracking multiple sources of sound over a while.

What To Look For Best Noise Monitoring Device?

Accuracy: The device should accurately measure sound level meters within +/- 1 dB.

Frequency range: The device should be able to measure a wide range of frequencies to capture all types of noise accurately.

Data logging capabilities: The device should be able to log data over an extended period so that you can analyze trends and patterns in noise levels.

Wireless connectivity: The device should be able to connect wirelessly to your computer or mobile device for easy data retrieval and analysis.

Battery life: The device should have a long battery life for extended periods without recharging.

1.) NoiseAware

Screenshot of NoiseAware Homepage

NoiseAware’s noise monitoring system is the perfect solution for short-term rental owners.

It provides 24/7 remote noise monitoring to give rental owners complete peace of mind when allowing guests into their property. The intelligent technology included in the system can detect and distinguish actual disturbance from day-to-day sounds.

Plus, with a straightforward setup and easy-to-use mobile app interface, it’s never been easier for short-term rental owners to protect their property with noise monitoring.

Key Features

Do-It-All Dashboard

Having access to a do-it-all dashboard is a game-changer for remote noise monitoring.

With this type of custom dashboard, you can access real-time information, historical data, and instant alerts on any device anytime.

So whether you’re on the other side of the world or walking down your local street, you can solve noise and occupancy problems with precision and accuracy from wherever you are.

On top of that, you will also have an extra layer of defense against false noise complaints.

Indoor + Outdoor Sensor

NoiseAware’s discreet indoor sensor has no flashing lights or batteries.

Not only is it four times faster to get set up and safe, taking only five minutes, but you can also invest in a weatherproof outdoor sensor to accurately measure data even in the harshest of elements: rain, snow, pool splash, or beer spray––you name it.

100% Privacy-Safe Noise Monitoring

NoiseAware allows you to set quiet hours, alerting you when the noise levels exceed them and protecting your properties and neighbors.

Moreover, it is the only smart noise device that guarantees 100% privacy by monitoring sound levels rather than specific dialogue or sounds!

AutoResolve Guest Messaging

The AutoResolve guest messaging feature is accessible to accounts with ten or more properties, swiftly resolving up to 90% of noise complaints within half an hour with only one text.

This easy-to-use tool will save you time and money while eliminating the need for labor costs, disgruntled neighbors, or out-of-hours visits–so you can put your feet up without guilt!

CrowdControl Occupancy Monitoring
NoiseAware Crowd Control

With Noisemonitor’s CrowdControl, you can effectively monitor your property’s noise levels, which align with the worldwide party ban, and receive dynamic occupancy data in one seamless dashboard.

Whenever you need to assess whether or not occupancy is on the rise, access your dashboard and get the information you need – no guesswork required.

Get real-time insights, immediate alerts, and reliable data today – CrowdControl will help keep your property running smoothly and efficiently!

Pricing Plan

NoiseAware Pricing

NoiseAware has flexible plans that can help you scale your short-term rental business.

So if you are ready to protect your neighbors, guest, and profits, you can easily set up your first sensor starting at $15/month or $180/year, including one indoor sensor per property, and get access to all the features including occupancy monitoring, auto-resolve messaging, and more!

2.) Minut


If you own a rental property, the Minut noise monitoring system can help you take your vacation rental to the next level.

With this device, you can easily monitor all sounds at your Airbnb, holiday home, serviced apartment, or another short-term rental.

Get detailed insights through user-friendly data visuals like historic noise levels, times, and locations of events.

Using the Minut noise monitoring system for your rental properties is an excellent way to ensure the safety of both landlord and guest while ensuring everyone enjoys their stay.

Minut noise monitoring system has solutions for Hosts, Owners, and Property Managers.

Monitoring Solutions For Hosts and Owners

Secure your residence, ensure calm in the surrounding area, and protect the confidentiality of visitors. Monitor sound levels, heat, and the number of people from any place on earth quickly.

Monitoring Solution for Property Managers

Ensure your properties remain intact and free of any damage with the assurance of noise, occupancy, and motion monitoring that is 100% private.

Obtain immediate insight into your entire inventory while maintaining an efficient operations team.

Key Features

Let Minut care for your home, guests, and neighbors as if they were their own. From providing a warm welcome to your visitors upon arrival to enforcing house rules when things get too loud, right down to ensuring that everything is secure once they’ve departed, Minut will ensure you have nothing more than peace of mind.

Noise Monitoring

With Minut, you can easily decide the noise level that is too loud in your home.

Set up thresholds and create Quiet Hours; this way, you’ll know when a sound lasts beyond what’s comfortable for you.

Even if there are short-lived noises like doors closing unexpectedly, notifications will not be sent to bother you unless it exceeds the pre-set levels or duration of time.

Occupancy Monitoring

Minut helps you keep track of your property by monitoring the number of mobile devices present and alerting you when that number rises past a certain threshold.

You’re in control; set your occupancy limit to fit your needs!

Guest Connect

Streamline guest communication and take care of noise problems swiftly!

Remind guests to keep the volume reasonable, which has proven successful in 94% of cases within 15 minutes.

Messaging to Guests and Autocall

With the Minut noise monitoring device, you can text your guests or give them an automated phone call when noise is detected. You can customize what the messages say.

Minut lets you keep your guests in the loop with SMS messages and auto calls when unwanted noise occurs.

You can even customize these notifications so they are tailored to your specific needs. In addition, Minut offers a visual alerting system that utilizes flashing lights and sounds to notify people of detected noises effectively.

Tamper Detection

Minut noise monitor device alerts you in a flash if anyone attempts to tamper with the device by pressing the button or removing the sensor from its mounting panel.

100% privacy-safe

Its camera-free sensor does not store personal data or record conversations, giving you and your guests the assurance of confidentiality.

Outdoor Noise Monitoring

Minut monitors outdoor sound levels and notifies you once it surpasses your customized thresholds.

Temperature and Humidity

With Minut, you can now experience the luxury of instantly obtaining accurate temperature and humidity readings for your outdoor space.

Get an in-depth understanding of your local climate conditions and make informed decisions at a glance!

Integrations & API
  • Property Management Systems
  • Smart Locks
  • Climate control
  • Zapier &API Access

Pricing Plan

Standard Plan

$10/month or $120/year

For this plan, you need to buy a sensor for $50 (save $50), and it includes the following:

  • Features: noise, occupancy and environment monitoring, security alarm, outdoor mode & more
  • Automated guest communication
  • An infinite timeline of data retention.
  • 5 team members
Pro Plan

$15/month or $180/year

The pro plan is suitable for managing more efficiently and if you need integrations and API.

The pro plan gives a sensor for FREE (save $100), and this plan includes the following:

  • All of the Standard Plan
  • Integrations: PMS, smart lock, climate control & more
  • Zapier automation
  • API Access
  • 20 team members

They provide personalized deployment and integration aid for large teams managing hundreds of units, helping them to operate more effectively.

  • All of Pro
  • Enterprise SLAs
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Rollout and integration support
  • 20+ team members

3.) Roomonitor


Roomonitor, the remote noise monitoring technology provider for short-term rental properties, offers users a comprehensive solution.

Their powerful software collects audio samples from designated areas to ensure that noise levels are within the guidelines set by local authorities.

Automated notifications can alert you when noise levels exceed a certain threshold so that you can address the problem quickly and respectfully. This proactive approach is critical for managing short-term rentals and providing guests with a pleasant experience during their stay.

Roomonitor allows property owners to use remote noise monitoring to maintain the peace in their neighborhood while allowing renters to enjoy stress-free stays.

Key Features

Real-time Noise Monitoring

Monitor in real-time your property’s excessive noise sound level.

Automatic Alerts

Get notifications about noise issues by call, text message, push notification, or email.

100% Privacy Safe

Rest assured, all guests’ privacy is kept secure and safe. No cameras or sound recordings will be allowed – Roomonitor measures only noise levels.

Advanced Sound Analysis

Receive notifications only when a disturbance is detected with the advanced noise pattern recognition system.

Pricing Plan

Roomonitor offers 15 days of free subscription. After 15 days, they start charging for selected subscriptions.

The Roomonitor noise monitor device costs $45, and they offer two subscription plans:

Standard Plan

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Notification alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • Disconnection Alert
  • Phone Call Alerts
  • SMS Alerts
  • Unlimited data history
  • Monitor multiple homes

Premium Plan

This plan includes the standard plan, free device and the following:

  • Automated guest communication
  • PMS integrations
  • API Access

4.) Larson Davis


Larson Davis offers outdoor portable and permanent sound level meter-based solutions to meet your outdoor monitoring requirements.

The environment noise detection system offers flexible and reliable results with solid packaging built for harsh environmental environments.

Pricing Plan


The Larson Davis Team is a hardworking group of professionals devoted to providing their customers with reliable solutions for any monitoring and measurement needs.

Regardless of purchasing equipment, leasing it briefly, or needing assistance servicing currently owned devices, the Larson Davis Team guarantees your satisfaction.

Don’t wait – take the first step towards achieving your goals by filling out the form!

The Larson Davis Team, with its vast experience and knowledge in this field, will provide unparalleled high-quality service.

Let them assist you in finding complete solutions to all of your measurement and monitoring issues today.


What is unattended noise monitoring? 

Unattended monitoring means monitoring sound levels at your property without any human presence. This can be done with the help of noise monitoring devices like Roomonitor and Minut.

What is the purpose of a noise monitor?

The purpose of a noise monitor is to measure environmental sound levels, detect excess noises, and alert property managers or owners when the sound exceeds certain thresholds. This helps ensure renters comply with local regulations and keep their neighbors happy.


Noise monitoring is an excellent way for property owners to maintain the peace in their neighborhood while allowing renters to enjoy stress-free stays.

NoiseAware, Roomonitor, Minut, and Larson Davis are all excellent providers of noise monitoring solutions that can suit any budget or size of the rental business.

Whether you purchase the equipment outright, lease it briefly, or need assistance servicing currently owned devices, these companies offer reliable support and service with unbeatable customer satisfaction guarantees.

Take the first step towards achieving your goals today by contacting one of these noise monitoring experts and finding exclusive solutions tailored to your needs!

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