NoiseAware Review 2023

Are you a vacation rental property manager concerned about noise disturbances from your guests?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place. NoiseAware is an innovative product that helps mitigate noise issues in rented properties like yours.

NoiseAware brings peace of mind to yourself and your guest by ensuring everyone’s experience is positive.

In this review, I will be taking a closer look at how it works and why it’s the best choice for managing potential sound problems at your rental unit—so keep reading!

NoiseAware Overview

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NoiseAware is a noise solution for short-term rentals, giving short-term rental owners insight into what is happening at the property when guests are in-stay. It helps you solve noise issues quickly before they lead to complaints, parties, or property damage.

NoiseAware works by installing NoiseAware noise monitoring hardware inside the rental property. The sensors measure sound levels and send real-time data to the owner’s smartphone or computer. This way, owners can be alerted if there is a sudden increase in noise so they can take action quickly.


  • Prevents noise disturbances and complaints
  • Historical noise risk score.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Easy to use NoiseAware noise sensors
  • Improves guest experiences
  • Pretty easy initial setup


  • Additional cost
  • False positives.
  • Privacy concerns.
  • Limited scope.

What is NoiseAware?

NoiseAware is an innovative solution designed to help monitor noise levels in any environment. It features outdoor and indoor sensors that detect sound disturbances in residential, hospitality or commercial facilities. The outdoor sensor captures ambient sounds like passing vehicles and conversations, while the indoor sensor detects louder disturbances such as parties and music. With this comprehensive system, users have complete control of the sound levels in their space and can be aware of potential noise damage or disruptions before they get out of hand. NoiseAware is a revolutionary new way for individuals to take ownership of their sound environment for a safe and healthy living experience.

NoiseAware dashboard

After you install your system, the device can be managed via a mobile application on your dashboard.

Your dashboard shows audio noise in various properties and allows you to make precision adjustments according to decibel levels.

It also provides graphical representations of precisely what sounds are emitted at the rental property.

Who founded NoiseAware?

With the vision of making homes safer and quieter, Dave Krauss and Andrew Schulz established NoiseAware in 2015.

NoiseAware founder

NoiseAware was borne out of a wild party, so it has been designed to use noise monitoring technology to prevent similar events from happening again. This system is proven effective in securing rental properties while respecting guests’ privacy. The innovative sensors demonstrate how efficient they are at avoiding expensive damage and allowing visitors the necessary discretion for their stay.

Who is NoiseAware Made For?

With NoiseAware, Airbnb hosts, property managers, and hoteliers can take charge of possible noise issues before they cause conflict. The statistics demonstrate that 90% of all noise problems are quickly resolved within 15 minutes when the right message is sent to guests promptly – without risking anyone’s privacy.

How Much Does NoiseAware Cost?

NoiseAware Pricing

Starter Plan

$15/per month or $180/per year per property

This plan is suitable for hosts with 1 – 9 properties and includes the following:

  • Indoor Wi-Fi-connected sensor included
  • Outdoor sensor for an additional $99
  • Custom noise thresholds and quiet hours
  • Instant actionable alerts
  • Historical data
  • Daily reporting digest of 24-hour noise incidents
  • AutoResolve automated guest messaging
  • Optional crowd control elevated-occupancy detection
NoiseAware Shopping Cart

Pro Plan

Custom pricing

This plan is for Property Managers with ten or more properties and includes the following:

All Starter Plan features plus:

  • Customized portfolio configuration
  • Onboarding, training, and dedicated support
  • Professional installation available
  • AutoResolve automated guest messaging integration support
  • Dedicated account manager

NoiseAware Features

Mobile App

The NoiseAware mobile app makes it simple to monitor noise levels and receive alerts at your properties with its hassle-free setup. This ultimate connection pairs together the online dashboard, providing access to data from any device with internet access whenever needed.

The website provides information about a product that offers real-time and historical data on property noise levels, which you can use to address noise complaints and protect rental investments.

Real-time monitoring

Property managers and hosts everywhere are inundated with noise events, culminating in an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

Luckily, NoiseAware is here to provide real-time monitoring solutions, so property managers can rest assured they’re protecting their properties from noise disturbances. With noise sensors installed on site, you can investigate complaints immediately and monitor noise levels around the clock.

Customizable settings

NoiseAware customizable sensor thresholds give you the power to minimize excess noise and enforce quiet hours as needed for your specific location. 

Provides insights into activities at your property

Noise is the most popular grievance among vacation-rental neighbors. Convince your neighbors that their noise issues are yours to tackle as well.

Establish custom decibel limits for hours of quietness and stop loud music before it bothers anyone else.

Prevent parties from taking place to avoid parking problems, littering, and other noise nuisances. Keep yourself away from neighbor complaints and hefty fines by employing NoiseAware.

This advanced technology provides you insight into activities at your property between guest check-in time and check-out!

Guest Privacy

Preserving your guests’ privacy is as essential as securing your properties and licenses. That’s why NoiseAware never discloses individual guest sounds or records them.

Through its FCC-certified secure technology, NoiseAware monitors decibel levels over time to offer you a private noise monitoring solution that always puts customer experience at the forefront.

Saves On Labor And Costs

With over 3 million protected stays, NoiseAware has saved vacation-rental hosts an estimated $105 million in noise-related costs.

NoiseAware helps you reduce the need for noise mitigation labor and property damage while avoiding costly fines or removal of your listing as an Airbnb host due to violating their party ban.

Invest that budget into creating the best experience possible for your guests so you can continue growing your business responsibly.

CrowdControl Elevated-Occupancy Detection

CrowdControl has created a unique system that provides property owners with invaluable insights by detecting the number of wireless signals on their premises.

Learning and understanding your property’s typical occupancy levels over time accurately represent when your rental is likely vacant or occupied beyond capacity – all without counting the exact number of guests present.

Currently available for single-family homes only, this unique technology will revolutionize how landlords monitor their properties.


Does NoiseAware record conversations?

NoiseAware doesn’t record actual sounds or conversations but measures the current sound level in decibels.

How do I turn off NoiseAware?

To access your account settings, open the user menu and navigate to property settings. Here, you can enable or disable notifications for CrowdControl by selecting/deselecting the corresponding checkbox within that managed property column.

What is a NoiseAware sensor?

You’ve just rented an Airbnb or VRBO and spotted a mysterious box on the wall.

Well, don’t worry! That little gadget is NoiseAware; it’s a privacy-safe noise-detection device designed to detect excessive volume before getting in trouble.

What happens if you unplug NoiseAware?

If your alert system indicates that your sensor is being tampered with, it may be the case that someone is attempting to move or unplug it.

It’s vital to stay vigilant and monitor alerts; once you receive a warning of tampering, noise monitoring won’t protect your property further.


All in all, NoiseAware can provide profound peace of mind when renting out a property. Its 24/7 monitoring and noise level alerts keep the host informed, informing them to take necessary action.

The platform is modern and sophisticated, making it an excellent choice for an up-to-date rental solution. For everyone who wants to keep their listing safe while they’re away, NoiseAware could be a great solution. The straightforward setup process and efficient customer service team further it apart from the competition.

So, is NoiseAware for you? It may be worth considering!

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