Operto Review 2023

Do you need help managing your rental investments efficiently? Are you already overwhelmed by the overwhelming amount of tasks that come with being a landlord and looking for ways to streamline everything?

If so, Operto might be just what you need! Operto is an automated platform designed to make managing rental properties easier. Its powerful integrations, actionable insights, tenant analytics, and more can help take your business from chaos to control.

Delve into this blog post for further insight into why Operto is the best interface for painless rental property management.

What Is Operto?


Operto guest technologies is a hospitality platform designed to help landlords, tenants, managers, and hotels manage their rental properties efficiently.

Operto provides an all-in-one solution for managing leases, collecting payments, tracking maintenance requests, organizing messaging between tenants and managers, and much more.

Who Founded Operto?


Steve Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Operto Guest Technologies.

Top Benefits Of Operto

  • Operto automates complex tasks associated with hospitality properties, like guest check-in and out processes, housekeeping schedules, and maintenance.
  • Operto’s guest communication tools and personalized welcome messages help enhance the guest experience and increase guest satisfaction.
  • Operto offers data analytics tools for property managers to optimize their pricing and marketing strategies to maximize revenue.
  • Operto’s smart lock and keyless entry features help improve security and prevent unauthorized access to hospitality properties.
  • Operto’s platform integrates with popular hospitality platforms such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com, making it easy for property managers to manage their properties across multiple platforms.
  • Operto’s platform is customizable to meet the unique needs of different hospitality properties, including hotels, vacation rentals, and mixed-use properties.

Operto Features


Operto Solutions

Operto Connect’s comprehensive guest journey tool can help you deliver an unparalleled experience for every guest that walks through your doors.

You can streamline and customize the entire process from a pre-check-in welcome message to post-check-out thank yous.

Ensure your guests are delighted during their stay, thanks to easy access to restaurant recommendations or local attractions, organized right within the dashboard. And after they’ve checked out, show how much you value their business with something as simple as sending a follow-up email.

With Opeto Connect’s convenient tools, all of these actions can be managed effortlessly in one place – making delighting your guests effortless!

Operto Tech

Operto Tech

Smart keyless entry

Operto has designed its access control solutions with ease of use and the best guest experience in mind.

Their features include remote access, mobile app support, and managing multiple locks at once.

Additionally, you can

  • enjoy smart locks with access codes
  • Mobile Key for convenience
  • integrated technologies compatible with most smart lock brands
  • auto backup codes for extra security
  • trigger messages alert users when there is a change in status or activity on the system
  • PMS integrations so all information remains organized and accessible from one centralized platform.

Operto Boost

Upgrade your current locks without removal and transformation.

It works with 65 different types of locks – making it great for any size business or home.

Plus, there is two-factor authentication for added security, a lifetime warranty, and monitoring of the lock battery life so that you never get stuck outside again!

Noise and occupancy

Automated noise monitoring ensures your property stays safe while alerting you to any possible risks before they become complaints.

  • 24/7 protection
  • indoor and outdoor noise monitoring options
  • historical data access
  • auto guest notifications
  • noise threshold management capabilities

With automated soundtracking on your side, you can rest assured knowing expensive damages will be kept at bay.

Energy control

Knowing when your guests come and go and when they’ve booked activities allows you to create occupancy-based setbacks that reduce operational costs and environmental waste.

Operto Guest

Operto Guest

Digital check-in

Check-in is faster and easier than ever with digital, early, and digital checkouts.

Keep guests safe by verifying their identities with security verifications while capturing guest contact details for communication.

Automate the messaging process between you and hosts through auto-replies or host messages so that your staff can focus on delivering an outstanding hospitality experience to each of your guests!

Custom guidebooks

Give your guests the power to explore and learn about your place with convenient digital guides.

With options for house manuals, rentals, on-site amenities, local partnerships, menus, plus much more – you can create unlimited mini-sites within a single guest app tailored to their needs!

Create categories and pages and schedule content with videos, images, and buttons.

Guest communication

Operto Messenger is your go-to tool for improving guest communication and engagement with content. It offers traditional real-time messaging, pre-made automated replies based on user-generated information, organic, direct messaging threads, and a manager dashboard message inbox.

Operto Teams

Operto Teams

Master Calendar 

The Master Calendar simplifies your tasks, personnel, issues, and property workflow to provide you with one single source of reliable information.

Schedule effectively.

Automatically create and easily assign tasks, then quickly finalize schedules using our user-friendly drag-and-drop calendar.

Operto Integrations

Operto Integrations

A comprehensive list of integrations is available to make managing and optimizing your property easier.

You can integrate with hotel management systems, payment gateways, automated messaging services, digital lockers, and more.

Operto also integrates with popular software companies like Booking.com and Airbnb to synchronize your workflow and data for maximum efficiency.

With Operto, you get peace of mind from knowing your properties are in sync with industry partners, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences!


What is Operto software?

Operto is a smart property automation platform that helps you manage and automate your rental properties. With Operto, you can easily control access to your rentals, monitor noise levels and energy usage, as well as keep up with guest communication and engagement. It’s perfect for hotels, vacation rentals, Airbnb, and apartment complexes.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Operto?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one property automation platform to help you manage and automate your rentals, then Operto is worth considering. It offers various features such as digital check-ins, automated soundtracking, noise threshold management capabilities, energy control, customized guidebooks, guest communication tools, and more.

Plus, with integrations with popular software providers like Booking.com and Airbnb, you can be sure that your property is in sync with industry partners for maximum efficiency.

With Operto, you get peace of mind knowing your properties are optimally managed and automated.

So go ahead and give Operto a try! It could be just the automation solution you’ve been looking for.

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