OwnerRez Review 2023

Are you a short-term rental property manager wanting to maximize your business potential in the real estate industry?

OwnerRez is here to help. From custom booking engines, integrated multiple listing services (MLS) options, and comprehensive reporting analytics – OwnerRez has it all!

Get ready to get excited about how easy managing multiple properties can be when you partner with OwnerRez!

Let’s get started!

What is OwnerRez?

OwnerRez is an all-in-one property management system designed to help vacation rental owners and managers manage their properties, bookings, and operations.

It provides exclusive features to simplify managing vacation rentals, such as listing management, reservations, payments processing, invoicing, reporting & analytics, guest communication tools, and more.

OwnerRez has quickly become an industry leader in the vacation rental space.

Who founded OwnerRez?

Paul Waldschmidt and Chris Hynes founded OwnerRez.

OwnerRez Features

Channel Management

Instead of outsourcing control to third-party managers, OwnerRez developed direct associations with the most significant channels.

These interactions are swift, tidy, and straightforward; furthermore, charging you a portion of your income is unnecessary.


Messaging is critical to standout guest communication.

Ownerrez takes it one step further by allowing you to create tailored automated messages that will help to unite your brand and deliver a truly personal experience.

For example, you could have an automated message sent after each booking with a few words of welcome or one triggered at the end of their stay with a link to an online survey.

These are just a few examples of how messaging can work for your business! Using these powerful triggers, you can craft a meaningful conversation every time.


Elevate your brand today and redirect customers to your website instead of third-party channels! It’s websites are lightning fast, optimized for mobile devices, and SEO friendly – no technical skill is necessary.

You can access stunning templates with a header menu layout already in place with just one click. They have popular features like a property details page, map display options, ribbon controls, and review pages – all available at the drop of a hat!

You can report a problem experiencing the issue to them, and the support team is ready to help you.

Select an appropriate template for your needs when you hit the ground running on day one.


With no limit to the number of payment methods, each property is restricted to one credit card payment method. If you need more than one, assign a different property for each additional credit card payment method.


Filing taxes can be complex, yet OwnerRez makes it as straightforward as possible.

With the data you provide, the software will attach tax line items to quotes and bookings, then send tax rules over to any compatible channels – so that when guests make reservations on these outlets, all of your necessary taxes are sent directly back to us for remittance.


OwnerRez provides extensive reports to cover any circumstances requiring collected data. Moreover, these reports can be exported into Excel or CSV files for further analysis and investigation.


Leverage complex algorithms and big-data crunching to maximize your revenue, plus stay up-to-date on the latest research for an even better return.

Many companies provide different strengths and advantages you can benefit from; therefore, it’s wise to evaluate which best suits your requirements.

With OwnerRez, you’ll never have to set the code for your door locks again manually! Whether it’s numeric sequence locks or WiFi locks, OwnerRez has got you covered.

Each time a reservation is made on your platform, OwnerRez will automatically generate and configure the lock codes so that all your guests can easily access their accommodations.

Automation tools can help you save money, connect smart devices and streamline workflows. For example, using automation to control a thermostat in your vacation rental during summer when the temperature is high or winter when it’s cold will benefit your wallet and ensure that guests arrive at their destination feeling comfortable and cozy!

OwnerRez Support

OwnerRez offers 24/7-365 customer support via phone, email, and live chat, so you can get help when needed.

If you experience any other issues while using OwnerRez, you can report them and get assistance from the support team.

To access OwnerRez, please ensure that your browser support cookies and Javascript and that you are not using any ad blockers.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for OwnerRez, you can contact the support team to share your thoughts and ideas.

When encountering problems using OwnerRez, the system provides a unique reference ID. This ref helps the support team identify and troubleshoot the issue quickly and efficiently. You can refer to this ID when you contact the support team for assistance.

OwnerRez Pricing

With just one property, enjoy unlimited bookings for only $40 per month – no setup fees, booking fees, or contracts required. Plus, you can take advantage of our 14-day free trial!

What is included?

Besides those exclusive to Premium users, all features come standard – including triggers, digital signatures, auto-responders, and other robust options.

In short: if it’s not a premium feature, you can access it for free!

What are “Premium Features”?

Premium Features allow power users to access additional functionality, including SMS Messaging, Property Management, QuickBooks Integration, Hosted Websites, WordPress Plugins, and Call Center (which is only available for those who have requested beta access).

These features are unnecessary for essential booking management; however, they offer a unique advantage that advanced users can leverage.


Does OwnerRez work with PriceLabs?

Yes, OwnerRez integrates with PriceLabs to provide dynamic pricing for your properties.

Does OwnerRez have an app?

Yes, OwnerRez supports mobile phones and tablets

OwnerRez Pros and Cons


  • Offers a wide range of features and tools for vacation rental management.
  • Provides 24/7-365 customer support via phone, email, and live chat.
  • Integrates with multiple vacation rental websites for channel management.
  • Has a user-friendly interface and customizable templates.
  • Provides automated messaging and email templates for accessible communication with guests.
  • Offers a mobile app for on-the-go control.


  • Can be expensive for small property owners or managers.
  • The learning curve can be steep for users unfamiliar with vacation rental management software.

OwnerRez Alternatives

A few options exist if you’re looking for an alternative to Hostfully.

These include:

  1. Guesty
  2. Lodgify
  3. Kigo
  4. MyVR
  5. Tokeet
  6. Vreasy
  7. Rentals United
  8. Streamline Vacation Rental Software
  9. Escapia
  10. Avanti

These services offer different features and functionalities that may be better suited for certain businesses.

Conclusion: Should You Buy OwnerRez?

OwnerRez is an excellent option for vacation rental owners and managers who need robust features and are ready to invest in tools to help their business run more smoothly.

The 24/7 customer support, integrations, automated messaging, and mobile app make it an excellent choice for those looking to streamline their daily operations.

However, the cost and learning curve could be prohibitive for small businesses or those starting in the vacation rental industry.

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